Dec 2011 – MCCI staff donated over $1200 of their own earnings and countless hours in order to provide Christmas presents to 150+ migrant children in our local community. Our employees purchased presents for girls and boys, ages ranging from infant to teens. We wrapped these toys and sorted them by gender and age. Three weeks prior to Christmas, we met with the local school board migrant recruiters and for 4 hours, we greeted these smiling little faces with what ended up being for many, their first wrapped Christmas present.

May 2012 – MCCI corporate partnered with our external team and alone, donated $20,000 to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Philadelphia.

June 2013 – MCCI corporate donated $3,000 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help support childhood cancer research. After the corporate donation, several employees got on board and hit the social media network to raise money. Our MCCI children got involved and passed out Lemonade cups to all their friends at school and after school programs. Everyone was to fill the cups with loose change for one month. Between social media and our children’s cups we were able to collect an additional $480 to donate back to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. What a great success!!

February 2014 – MCCI corporate assisted in raising money for Xcellerate, a non-profit life skills program for children aging out of the Foster Care system. Xcellerate has taught so many young adults the life skills needed for them to become productive members of society. Many of these students have gone to become college graduates, pastors, team leaders and are paying it forward by making a difference in someone else’s life.

September 2016 – MCCI corporate sponsorship donation to Evangelical Christian School to help raise money for school equipment.

In addition our employees have individually donated countless hours and thousands of dollars to local fundraisers, events and causes to help our community. Some of these include; Backpacks/school supplies for Title 1 schools, Salvation Army, Food for DHS, Christmas presents for children in Foster care, Relay for Life, Social Media fundraisers for local families, and many more.

We are a family of families! Our passion is our business and our business is our means to make this world a better place for all those that will follow in our footsteps.


MCCI has over 20 years of experience specializing in the field of commercial retail build-outs. Both Stand-Alone and Tenant Improvement. We are currently licensed/registered in 32 states and have the office, project management, and field staff to support projects in all of these regions.

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